The Atkins School Board met for a called session Thursday, June 22 at 5:30 p.m. The School Board met in the District Administration Building to consider certified and classified salary schedule changes and to discuss extra contract days for athletic instructors.

The original proposal of number of days added on to the contracts, which included all athletic instructors, was at first voted down by the Personnel Policy Committee. The school board approved the amended version on Thursday.

Total number of extra days athletic faculty contracts now read as: Matt Porter; 15 days, Ashley Farmer; 5 days, Shelby Patterson; 2.5 days, Julie Lawson; 2.5 days, Tracey Brown; 10 days, Haley McKee; 10 days and Ben Miller; 10 days. A motion was passed for the increase in base salary for both certified and classified personnel by $600 for full-time employees and $300 for part-time employees, effective July 1. Teachers who have taught for fifteen years or less will receive an additional $600 to their salary; those that have taught for fifteen years or more will receive an additional $500 to their salary; there is not an increment after 20 years of teaching. This comes to a $1,200 or $1,100 increase to teacher salaries.

The School Board also approved of employee bonus checks in the amounts of $250 full-time, $125 part-time and $62.50 for quarter-time employees that are employed as of August 7. Bonus checks will be available when faculty returns on August 7.

The cost of all of the approved raises comes to a total of $47,983 for the Atkins School District.

Superintendent Joe Fisher said that it had been too long since the Atkins School District faculty and staff had received a raise and added that the School Board appreciates everything the instructors do for the school district.