Saturday morning I went down to see my momma’s (Wanda Duvall) and got the paper. I forgot to fill up her medicine boxes so I went back down there after the mail ran and filled her boxes. Sunday morning before I attended St. Joe Freewill Baptist Church I went down to my momma’s and got the Sunday paper. Janell and Leon Yarborough, Bruce Melton, Mary Ruth and James David Peak, MyKayla Marleham, and Eli Campbell. Bro David Bishop did a great job and baptized two brothers Sol and Kiba Parsons. Janell and Leon Yarborough had Sunday lunch at New China and then they shopped at the Neighborhood Store (New Walmart Store) Momma and Reece Duvall had Sunday lunch with Jack and Joyce George. Bruce, Blake, Lexie and Mylo Melton visited with Janell and Loen Yarborough on Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday morning momma and I went to Morrilton. First we stopped at Family Pharmacy and picked up some medicine they owed her then we went to see Dr. Howard at Morrilton. He ran an EKG and is sending it to her heart doctor in Conway. After the doctor we ran in Wal-Mart. Then we came back and stopped at McDonald’s in Atkins. Monday night visitors of Janell and Leon Yarborough were Keith and Pam Melton, and Bruce Melton.

Wednesday morning momma and I went to Atkins. We went and got the car tags on the new Nissan. Then we stopped at Lemley’s Funeral Home and signed the book for Rickey Jay Bewley because I didn’t get to go to the visitation and I don’t think I can go and stand in this heat for his funeral.

Friday afternoon momma and Reece Duvall went to Atkins. They went to Centennial Bank, the library, Bill’s and the Family Pharmacy. James David Peak went with MyKayla Markham to her school for doughnuts for their Father’s Day celebration on Friday.