We are afraid to say so because a multitude of things can happen between this setting and your reading but we hope this week’s paper is easier for you to read than the immediate past issues – and we hope as much, or even more, that it comes easier for us.

You don’t need anybody to tell you, but we have had trouble getting the fountains to working and ink properly distributed on our new press. New rollers and work on the fountains this week should help.

We are in better shape one way this week than we were last. It was up in the shank of the evening last Wednesday when we got all set to use the press-and it refused to budge.

It took a while but we finally discovered the trouble. Homer Cheek, in re-wiring, had the motor running backwards and that’s one thing this press ain’t equipped to do-run backwards.

We can understand Homer having trouble with the motor considering the number of wires accumulated in the building since electricity came to Atkins and the number required for this motor.

Finding Homer ain’t the easiest thing in the world to do but we finally located him and got the change made.

You have been mighty nice and we have heard very few complaints-and we had a bunch due us considering the quality of the Chronicle. Older brother John, up in St. Louis, probably expressed the sentiments of all of you: “I am glad you got the press, but the paper’s too thin or the ink’s too black. I don’t know which.”

We’re gonna get it worked out. We expected a certain amount of trouble changing over-and got it. But the best tree dog in the county can’t get all the squirrels up the tree at the same time.

One of the easiest things to get printed in our paper is a picture like Edgar Mairel’s granddaughter and one of the hardest is to get one like Bill Hicks and his fish.

It’s got to where catching 30 –lb. catfish isn’t news-except when the catcher is someone like Bill Hicks-and we print it mainly to scotch all rumors. The last we heard the fish had gotten up to close to 60 pounds.

Grandfathers and fishermen do have a lot in common. They usually just happen to have some pictures available.

Bill Fry brought his brother Sid by a couple of Weeks ago when he was here on vacation. All we had to do was mention fish. Sid was faster on the draw with his fish pictures than Matt Dillon with his six-shooter.

He eased them back in his pocket when we asked him if that wasn’t about the size bait Claud Darr used to use on his trotlines.

We’ve been trying to get the new Methodist preacher off on the right foot. He was out getting acquainted Tuesday. We pointed him in the direction of Emmett Haney and Bill Fry and told him that if he could keep them two straightened out, the rest would come easy.

Joe Jones isn’t one to put out much information but he’s always available on request, especially when it comes to helping solve the problems of the world.
So, it was with a great deal of satisfaction when he received a letter this week from Congressman Hammerschmidt.

John Paul was finally getting around to bringing him up to date on happenings in Washington and probably wanted Joe’s opinion on the Far East situation. (“That’s one time them Arabs couldn’t get their camels in a fast enough gait.”)

Joe was in for a surprise. The letter started off something like this: “Congratulations to you and Mrs. Jones on the arrival of you new son….”

Old Joe took another deep draw on his pipe, fanned the smoke, and read again, then checked the address on the envelope. You’ll never know how proud old Joe felt there for a second. He started to call for Edna, but surely she would have told him. Naw, not even an Act of Congress … there just had to be a mistake.

The congressman got his Joe Joneses mixed up and if the real Joe Joneses (proud parents variety) will step forward they will be duly congratulated.